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Snowy by m-eralp
by m-eralp

Wow! Amazing! Impressive! You have done an incredible job with this one! The quality of this picture is very impressive. You've got gre...

Future Bright by KennethJensen

Wow. this is exceptional work here. Truly amazing. I especially love how you've used only black and white to create the image. Normally...


Screenshot 2014-11-20-13-21-01 by Shadowkey392
Screenshot 2014-11-20-13-21-01
No title for this one.  Here we see Vice-Admiral Kaituus talking to Ambassador Worf.  I like the fact that Cryptic has managed to get some voice work into the game, but I think the voice acting could use some major improvement.  It sounds too much like the actors are reading a script for the first time, and are trying not to make a mistake.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!
It's been a while, hasn't it?  I last made a journal in June!  Anywho, seeing as how it's now October, and the 31st no less, I thought i'd pop onto my profile and make another one.  So, how've you been since June?  I've been quite busy.  I've been back at NAIT since the start of September, continuing on in the Digital Media and IT program.  I've been enjoying it quite a bit.  Lots of spare time on my hands, which I'd been putting to some (more or less) good use.  Unfortunately one of my audio drivers decided to stop working and crash my one-and-only favourite laptop on me, and put it in the shop for two weeks (they never figured out the problem).  Got it back now, but without all of my files (my backup recovery is apparently corrupted) and with very few pieces of software on it.  Also I've got a massive pile of catching up work to do, so Free Time: GONE.  Aaaand on that note, I had best get back to it.  But first...*inhales* HAPPY HALLOWE'EN DEVIANTART!:ghost *Free Icon/Emote* Halloween Pusheen :GiveMeYourCandy: This is Halloween BOGEDYBOO!! Happy Halloween! 


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Cameron Park
Hello! I am former Deviant Shadowkey39. LONG LIVE THE DARK SIDE!!! I found it necessary to change my identity when I forgot my deviantART password and my Hotmail password. So I changed it and am now Shadowkey392. My OC's (Kylar Vento and Kaituus) are the same, and now I am introducing a third: Agent Shadowkey!

I do my own artwork, I do not do commissions. Also, you can check out my YouTube channel at…

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