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Wow. this is exceptional work here. Truly amazing. I especially love how you've used only black and white to create the image. Normally...


Look!  I've made myself an OC!

Official Profile (information known to everyone who isn't him):


Alias: UNKNOWN (Note: media has taken to calling subject "Mr Anonymous")

Age: UNKNOWN (Note: observations (direct and indirect) of the subject's activities and apparent physical prowess point to their age likely being somewhere between 20 and 65 years old)

Species: UNKNOWN (Note: subject is definitely mammalian, not avian or reptilian. Subject is most likely feline or canid)

Gender: UNKNOWN (Note: probably male)

Height: UNKNOWN (Note: various eyewitness accounts put him somewhere between 5 and 7 feet tall)


Fur Color: UNKNOWN (Note: possibly black. Several eyewitnesses have described seeing a black tail)

Eye Color: UNKNOWN

Outfit: Eyewitness accounts and camera footage indicate the subject seems to favor a long, grey trench-coat with black gloves, black boots, and a white Tilley hat

Weapons: Camera footage has shown the subject utilizing some manner of twin revolvers. Analysis of bullets and bullet fragments found in subject's victims indicates the subject favours .44 Special rounds (Note:the subject does not appear to shoot their victims with lethal intent; many of the observed bullet wounds are merely incapacitating, suggesting the subject prefers to shoot to disable their victims rather than kill them). Some victims have been noted to have bruises, fractures, and other injuries consistent with close-quarters hand-to-hand combat, suggesting the subject is proficient in some manner of close-quarters fighting and may employ some manner of blunt weapon. Darts filled with some sort of fast-acting knock-out drug have also been found.

Skills: Aside from the aforementioned possible close-quarters fighting skills, the subject is very quick on their feet, and very good at being stealthy. Eyewitnesses have reported seeing them come out of nowhere, take down a crook, and then vanish without a trace, as quickly and quietly as they came. Note: Subject may have other skills of which we are not presently aware.

Weaknesses: UNKNOWN

Personal Profile (information known to him (He doesn't allow ANYONE or ANYTHING to know this!))

Name: Jacob Rodriguez

Alias: Officially: none. Unofficially: "Mr Anonymous" (Note: the media dubbed him that, it was not his idea! Also he doesn't use it, except on rare occasions)

Species: Black Panther (a jaguar, to be specific; he heralds from the American Southwest)

Fur Colour: jet black

Eye colour: vivid blue

Age: 35 years (looks younger)

-former United States Marine Corps Critical Skills Operator
-former Police Detective and SWAT Team leader
-currently does a bit of P.I. work (in secret).

Height: 6'6" (1.98m)

Weight: 97.5kg (215lbs)

-As "Anonymous/Mr Anonymous": Grey canvas duster (ignore the brown color on the shoulder, that's not supposed to be there!) over white shirt with grey slacks, black gloves, and black combat boots. Bulletproof body armour worn underneath duster on torso and arms, and underneath slacks on legs. Wears full-head-covering solid black helmet/mask with white Tilley hat. Mask is bulletproof, and includes a respirator, as well as a voice changer which distorts his voice. 
-As Jacob Rodriguez: jeans, shirt, black leather jacket, shoes (white, blue, or black Nikes), ball cap, and dark-tinted sunglasses.

-As "Anonymous/Mr Anonymous": drop. dead. serious. Though he not so much that he doesn't spout the odd one-liner from time to time. Also untrusting of pretty much everyone (with a few rare exceptions) as a result of past experiences (namely, betrayals).
-As Jacob Rodriguez: serious, but easygoing. Is somewhat lighthearted, and likes a good laugh now and then.

-a pair of Smith & Wesson Triple Lock New Century Revolvers
-a pair of Walther P99s with silencers
-a custom-made T26 "Tanker" Garand rifle
-a custom-made Ross Mk.III rifle (modified for better functionality) with a detachable scope
-a Thompson M1921A submachine with selective fire modes (uses drum magazines)
-a pair of 21" collapsible batons which he keeps in special sheathes strapped to his arms inside his sleeves. Batons can be electrified if necessary to deal with tougher opponents.
-a pair of brass knuckles
-Note: all of his guns fire live ammunition. However he can switch it out with special custom-made knockout darts depending on his needs.
-Note: he doesn't carry all of these at all times. The only weapons he does carry at all times are his revolvers, the collapsible batons, and the brass knuckles. He keeps the other weapons stashed safely away in his base of operations, and arms himself with them only as needed.

Other Equipment:
-respirator built into mask
-voice changer built into mask. Distorts his voice and makes it sound deeper than it really is.
-a medium-armoured 2-speed Boss Hoss LS3 6.2 motorcycle with a top speed of 300km/h. The armour is capable of stopping anything short of a high-power armour-piercing round. up to two rifle scabbards can be attached to the bike if he needs to carry one or both of his rifles with him.
-reusable grapnel gun.

Powers: None

-specialized military training, including weapons and advanced hand-to-hand combat training (including Mixed Martial Arts) and SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) training.
-has also mastered Tae Kwon Do.
-is a fantastic marksman with guns.
-is a highly capable detective.
-eidetic(photographic) memory
-has excellent natural night vision
-is quite quick and light on his feet. Also very good at running.
-is pretty agile
-has quick reflexes, which have been honed extensively over the years
-is a master of being stealthy and quiet.

Weaknesses: pretty much anything any ordinary person can succumb to or be affected by.

Personal info: 
-Born in the city of Trent, Michigan. Enlisted in the US Marine Corps at the age of 18 years. Survived the necessary training, and spent 3 years as a Marine. Applied to become a US Marine Corps Critical Skills Operator, and was accepted. Trained and spent 5 years as a Marine Corps CSO before leaving the military life. Applied to become a police officer, was accepted. Became a fully-fledged police officer three years later. Two years later, applied, took, and passed the exam to become a Police Detective. Was also selected for the SWAT Team due to his excellent military and police force service records, and because of his rather excellent knowledge of weapons and tactics. Two and a half years after becoming a police detective, left the force due to being unable to work in a police force rife with corruption and feeling that he could better serve justice on his own. Became a Private Detective and started doing behind-the-scenes vigilante work in his home city (he is actually considered an outlaw in Trent, because vigilantism is illegal there).  Two years later, he's still going strong, and has become quite the thorn in the sides of Trent's criminal underworld. 

-A rather untrusting man as a result of past betrayals by former "friends", he prefers to operate alone, only bringing in allies if he feels it's an absolute necessity. He also knows the value and power of information, and likes to learn everything he can about everyone of interest to him (especially if he sees them as suspicious) (a habit he developed as a detective), and has taken every precaution to ensure that learning anything about him as as close to impossible as is possible. When it comes to taking down criminals, he highly prefers non-lethal means (he'll use knock-out darts, or will simply aim to shoot to deal his target a crippling but non-life-threatening injury with live ammunition, or, in close-quarters combat, will simply knock them out), but is more than ready and willing to get blood on his hands if need be. With his martial arts and military training, he is a highly capable fighter, and is certainly not someone you ever want to find yourself face-to-face with (unless you're a good guy)!

A while ago, I started reading stories set in :iconamtrak:'s Colmaton universe. And I loved them. I also had a character which I thought could work really well in that universe, so I asked :iconamtrak: how I could join the Colmaton group. He told me I had to have work in my gallery (which was fine by me, as I'd been considering drawing some stuff and sticking it up here anyhow), so I decided to do just that! I have yet to draw the character I had in mind, though, because while I was thinking about him, this guy, "Anonymous", popped into my head! So I decided to draw him instead!

Fingers crossed that this, and what follows, is good enough for Colmaton!

"Anonymous/Mr Anonymous" belongs to me and me alone, as does the fictional city of Trent, Michigan. Please do not use or draw either of them without prior permission from me. Thank you.

Please leave a comment, favourite if you like it, and check out the rest of my gallery!
Mr. Dane
Name: Jason Dane

Alias: Undetermined (If anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears!)

Age: 19-20 years

Place of birth: somewhere in Canada (possibly Alberta?)

Species: Black-backed jackal

Fur colour/pattern: I don't know how to describe it, so I'll just direct you to this image of a jackal:… his fur colour and patterns are identical.

Eye colour: Grey-blue. His eyes glow blue-white when his powers are in use. The greater the degree to which he is using his powers, the brighter and more intense the glow.

Occupation: Undetermined (former criminal)

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 73.5kg (162lbs)

Outfit: shirt, jeans, shoes, black fingerless gloves, pendant around his neck, long brown coat with high collar and hood

Personality: he is detached, abrasive, tactless (at times), touchy, insensitive, somewhat resentful of authority, truculent (quick to fight and/or argue; also can be rather defiant at times), can be harsh at times, quick-tempered, and sarcastic. He is also nervous (he fears his father, fears that he will wind up back in a life of crime (which he hated), and worries that people will not like or accept him due to his criminal past), values what few friendships he has, and is somewhat vulnerable on the inside. If someone can weather all that negative stuff long enough that he starts to warm up to them, they may find that he's not as bad a guy as he might appear to be. He is dependable when the chips are down, and if he gives you his word, you can be sure that he will hold to it, if he can.

Weapons/Equipment: None

Powers: Jason is an energy manipulator whose powers manifest in the form of four abilities: Psychokinesis (aka telekinesis), Electrokinesis, Thermokinesis, and Energy Awareness (he can sense energy and energy fields of all kinds).
Powers: Jason is an energy manipulator whose powers manifest in the form of four abilities: Psychokinesis (aka telekinesis), Electrokinesis, Thermokinesis, and Energy Awareness (he can sense energy and energy fields of all kinds).
-Energy Awareness: Although he has no idea how it's possible, somehow he can sense energy.  He knows where it is, what type of energy it is, how much there is, and how it's moving (if it's moving).  It's like he sees it, but he doesn't actually see it.  Also, he can only "see" energy in front of him.
-Psychokinesis: telekinesis, of a sort.  By tugging on the electromagnetic energy locked within the chemical bonds which hold solid matter together, Jason can move objects, including himself (he can lift himself off the ground and hover himself around), if they are in his line of sight.  This is the easiest ability for him to use, as, since the energy is locked in the chemical bonds in a stable state, it requires relatively little concentration.  However, it does become more difficult as he attempts to move larger and larger objects (the larger the object, the more energy it contains, and the more difficult it is to move).  The largest object he has thus far been able to move is a police cruiser (which he telekinetically shoved backwards a few feet), but with training he could be able to move a small plane.
-Electrokinesis: Jason can manipulate electricity and electrical currents. He can gather electricity together and/or create electrical currents from it. He can utilize this ability to create electrical blasts and pulses. This ability is somewhat more difficult for him to use, since electricity does not exist in a stable state. Unless it is stored somehow (such as inside a battery), electricity is always flowing and fluctuating. Because of this, Jason must exert more concentration and mental effort to contain the electrical energy (this is not a very easy thing to do!) in addition to directing it.
-Thermokinesis: Jason can manipulate heat energy. He can move heat around, drawing it from one place and focusing it in another. He is capable of removing enough heat energy from a small area to drop the temperature to a little ways below freezing, and of focusing enough heat energy into a small area to melt softer metals (this is at the extreme edge of his capabilities with this ability). This ability is very difficult for him to use effectively, due to the nature of heat energy (heat energy exists in an extremely excited state, and diffuses rather quickly). As a result, Jason must exert enough concentration and mental effort to contain heat energy in one area while also preventing as much of it from escaping as he can while ALSO continuously drawing MORE heat energy in to replace that which escapes. Using his power in this way is often very draining for Jason, and he cannot do it for very long.

The following factors limit Jason's abilities: Jason's ability to focus and concentrate, the amount of energy is attempting to manipulate, and the distance between it and himself. The less he is able to concentrate, the less he can do with his abilities. The greater the amount of energy, the more difficult it is to manipulate (greater amounts of energy require greater concentration and effort on his part. As stated above, the largest object he has thus far managed to move is a police cruiser. I also plan to have him be capable of channeling a lightning bolt with extreme difficulty (and probably pain) at some point in the future). And the greater the distance over which he is exerting his powers, the more difficult it is to manipulate (the greater the distance, the more concentration and effort are required of him). These things can all add up to make things extremely difficult for him. Jason's maximum range, at the moment, is unknown to me, but it's not very far.

In addition to these limiting factors, any electrical and thermal energy which Jason desires to manipulate MUST come from a source OTHER than his own body. This is not because it is impossible for him to manipulate the heat and electricity generated naturally by his body; rather it is a rule set by himself for the following reasons: first, the body naturally keeps itself at a certain temperature, optimal for it's natural functions. Any attempt by Jason to manipulate his own body heat would offset this temperature greatly, and could cause internal damage. Second, with the exception of creatures which have evolved to consciously use electricity in a particular way (such as self-defence), electricity is found in only one form in any being: the electrical impulses generated and utilized by the central and peripheral nervous systems. Any attempt to manipulate this electricity would result in a complete disruption of the nervous systems, and brain death. Jason thinks that he cannot manipulate these impulses anyways (he can't "see" them with his Energy Awareness ability), but he's not about to put that theory to the test, for obvious reasons!

Weaknesses: anything a normal person can succumb to or be affected by, including the energies which he can manipulate; if he touches something hot, he will be burned, and if he directly contacts an electrical current, he will get shocked. And, of course, he could break a bone with his psychokinesis if he's not careful.

Personal info:
-born somewhere in Canada (maybe in Alberta, I don't know yet).
-has an identical twin brother.
-mother died when he was quite young, he and his brother were raised by their father.
-father (who has the same powers as he does, as does his brother), a criminal and gang leader, was a bad influence on both of them.
-got into crime at an early age.
-realized sometime in his mid-teens that his life kinda sucked (he was constantly on the run from the law, and the only person who loved him was his brother (father doesn't really like either of them)).
-Attempted to go straight and get honest work, but it didn't work out (seems people don't like hiring people with criminal records). He was forced to return to crime to survive.
-got taken down, along with his father, by a superhero with psychokinetic abilities of their own, while attempting to rob a bank for money.
-said superhero has since taken pity on him (or something like that) and has offered a way out of crime to better life as a hero like them.
-is currently serving time in a prison for superpowered wrong-doers and is contemplating accepting that superhero's offer.


New character get! Continuing my efforts to create character's worthy of becoming a part of  :iconamtrak:'s Colmaton universe, I give you Mr. Jason Dane, Energy Manipulator Extraordinaire! I haven't yet hammered out ALL the details of his character (such as an alias), so I'll likely be updating this in the near future, but here is what I've figured out so far. I hope you like him!  Comments and criticisms are welcome!

P.s. Just ignore the wrtiliting around him, that's just notes I made for myself.

Jason Dane belongs to me. Please do not use or draw him without prior permission from me. Thank you.
So, I don't know if you've heard, but Paramount and CBS recently dropped a set of guidelines for what Star Trek Fan-Films can do:

I'm sure you can see the big problem with them.

They pretty much kill every single Star Trek fan-film ever. And every single Star Trek fan-film which anyone might ever want to make. For example: Star Trek: Horizon. It's supposed to have a sequel. But now, according to these guidelines, it can't happen. In fact, CBS has already gotten in touch with the man responsible for Star Trek: Horizon and has advised him against making the sequel (…). Or Star Trek Renegades, which is awesome. Or Star Trek: Intredpid, a fan-made series so awesome that it's been going for NINE YEARS but has now been forced to suspend production of new episodes because of these guidelines. And, of course, the fan-film which kicked off this whole thing, Star Trek: Axanar, the highly anticipated Star Trek fan-film which could be the greatest fan-film of all time. We won't get to see it, either. Or anything like it. EVER. AGAIN.

Now, I, myself, do not have an issue with most of the guidelines, but two of them, the first and the fifth, are completely stupid, uncalled for, and have absolutely nothing to do with the copyright issues which these guidelines are meant to resolve. I mean, come on! What the hell do a film's RUNNING TIME and ACTORS have to do with @#!%* COPYRIGHT?!

If you are like me, and you want to see these guidelines changed and made more reasonable, please take a look at and sign this petition to establish a dialog between Paramount and CBS and Star Trek fan-film creators to devise a new set of guidelines:…

Also, please share this journal entry. That way word of this can be spread around even more.

Thank you,



Shadowkey392's Profile Picture
Cameron Park
Hello! I am former Deviant Shadowkey39. LONG LIVE THE DARK SIDE!!! I found it necessary to change my identity when I forgot my deviantART password and my Hotmail password. So I changed it and am now Shadowkey392. My OC's (Kylar Vento and Kaituus) are the same, and now I am introducing a third: Agent Shadowkey!

I do my own artwork, I do not do commissions. Also, you can check out my YouTube channel at…



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